Facebook shop
With more than one billion worldwide users, Facebook has become an essential sales channel. Many companies use the Facebook page for their promotion and marketing purposes. The viral features of Facebook is making it possible build brand awareness easily.
For online sellers
Getsocialshops is a flexible online service,packed with features that help you achieve your online sales. The system is easy to use and no technical skills required. We provide a single view allows you to manage webshops and all your products. A domain name, website or complex advertising campaigns are not required. A smart system designed for smart entrepreneurs.
Convenient & user friendly
Our Facebook shop is not only part of your Facebook page rather it has the same look & feel. Our Facebook Store transactions are carried through Paypal, Credit Card without our involvement. Within Facebook we have a logical and trusted buyer experience created, which is recognizable for Facebook users. Fact of the matter is payment transactions are only between shop owner and customer, we have zero involvement.
Sell anywhere
You can simply open a Facebook shop next to a shop outside Facebook! Post your shop where ever you want. You simply need to place it on the website where you want your shop. Technically only embed the code or upload only one file to your web server which our system provide and your shop will be ready. So easy to start a shop! And the beauty is, you can manage all your locations from the same dashboard.
New Viral Technique
With this option, the seller sets the price of goods together for some Likes. In a purchase, the product is not paid, but shared on the Facebook timeline of the buyer. Once the buyer has collected enough Likes for this product, buyer and seller get an e-mail and the product is officially sold! The buyer gets the product for free in exchange for advertisement he did through his facebook account, with friends of the buyer.
Payment Assistance
A Facebook Store is equipped with various online and offline payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card, Cash on delivery and much more. No hard stuff, so you can quickly arrange your store payments. We will regularly add new payment methods over the period of time.
Shipping & delivery
You can set up shipping in different ways. You can set general shipping, additional shipping products, cost per country and product. Do you sell only digital goods also? You can can still manage your digital products.
Product and Discounts Options

How Does Pay with Likes (I find fun)?

Pay with "likes" (I like fun) is a very powerful marketing tool that lets you bring your product quickly to a broad public attention. Buyers can buy your product by the preset number of unique likes (I like fun) for gathering likes to a product. Once this number is reached, this gives the purchaser the right to receive your product in exchange, your product is brought to plenty of attention by the purchaser. The number of likes is tracked via a unique URL. Both buyer and seller can be informed through an email about the order, when the number of likes required by the buyer are collected. For example: product X costs 1000 likes. By buying product X in your online store, choose the buyer for the payment method "pay by likes". The buyer will receive after placing your order, a unique URL of product X to this generation. 1000 likes on Facebook Once the buyer has generated 1000 likes from his Facebook connections. The buyer has the right to claim product X, So virtually thhe buyer gets the product for 'nothing', but in return your product is brought to the attention of 1000 Facebook users.

How does a daily DEAL work?

A daily deal is set by store owner, Store owner sets a minimum number of customers for a product at discounted price. The discount, the minimum number of buyers and the duration of the daily offer is set you as a seller in advance.  

As a daily offer is purchased, but the minimum number of buyers are not yet achieved, purchaser don't pay in advance. He only receive the order by email once the minimum number of buyers has ordered the daily deal, all buyers who have ordered an e-mail with a payment link to actually buy the product is sent. So once the minimum number of buyers are collected, all new buyers can directly purchase the product after reaching the minimum customer goal.

A daily offer is a powerful marketing tool because it encourages buyers friends and family to buy a particular product.

I Like discount How It Works?

The I like discount options sets a product discount that will be applied to the product if the buyer likes the fan page. The force behind this is that in exchange for a discount, your Facebook page and therefore your Facebook store is promoted by the Facebook friends of the buyer. You can set both the discount rate and the maximum number of times that this discount can be applied.

Can I set a regular Product Discount?

Certainly. You can set a discount per product. All you need to do is fill in the price includes discount. Otherwise, it will remain the normal retail price is used.

Shop Options

What is a Sticky Shop?

With a sticky shop, you can sell by "sticking" a unique code to publish your online shop where you want. The beauty of sticky shop is that you can manage, because they remain linked to your dashboard at GetSocialshops, there you can sell exactly as you can on fan page but with sticky show you can put this sticky shop on any website.

Subscription and Payment

Can I upgrate/degrade my subscription?

You're still in the free trial. When this is over, you can choose one of the subscriptions and checkout. Paid subscriptions can be upgradedor downgraded.

Why I can not add categories or create a second Facebook Store?

You're still in trial period or has a basic package. Every new registration are entitled to 30 days of free use of Finkel. The free use is based on the basic package. You can choose XL or other package in which these options are available. If you are using the trial period, you will be instructed to upgrade your package.  

Product & Shipping costs

What is the best size for my product images and how big can an image be?

Ideally we suggest load  images with resolution of 600 px by 400 px. An image can not be larger than 2Mb.

The logo size is 160 px 160 px

Can I set up shipping costs?

Shipping costs are set at store level. Which will apply to all your products. The general shipping can be overridden by setting the shipping from admin panel. At product level So you can easily set different shipping prices..

You can set per product shipping for multiple destinations to and you can set the shipping for additional added products.

You can also specify that you only sell digital goods, so there is no shipping charges involved. 


Is the system flexible from payment point of view?

We give you complete flexibility you can pay monthly or yearly. If selected annually as billing cycle, then we offer good discount. You can cancel your subscription any time, Simply remove our store from your fan page. Already paid subscription fees are not refundable. The first 60 days are free of cost! 

What makes GetSocialShops.com more special ?

With Getsocialshops.com you can make best use of viral featurs available in social networks, Ideally you can, "Start your store where your customers are located," instead of somewhere to host an online shop on the internet and looking to have to go to potential customers. Your online store on Facebook increases your sales opportunities and brand awareness tremendously. At very low cost. A domain name, expensive hosting, maintenance and online advertising campaigns are no longer needed. Selling online has never been so easier!

Do I need any technical knowledge

Not at all! Starting a Facebook Store can be completed in a few steps. All you need to do is to create products and categories, and select one or more payment methods. Thus, we offer the possibility to pay with Paypal, Credit Card. We also offer 6 different payment methods.

Which e-commerce features my shop can have?

Depending on the chosen subscription gives you plenty of options. Standard, we offer plenty of options, including: Daily offers, product discounts, I Like Discount, more than 7 payment options, including, of course iDeal, Paypal, Credit card and many other payment options. See below the main menu [Options] all the advanced shopping options.