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API General

GetSocialShops Announces Its API

GetSocialShops proudly announces its API, Now shop owners can use the API to maintain their shops and hence products remotely. The API Provides some basics functions and calls that give the shop owners complete control over their shop.

Work With API

Download & Install API

All you have to do is to download the API package from and note down your API Key from your account area. Alos note down the Shop Id from your shop details area The API Package has two files. One is the main file that is actually responsible for making your calls and the second, which is a sample call making file which helps you build your API call.

Create a php file and include the following code at top of the file.


//apiKeyCode provided in the customer My Account area

//api methods files path/name



Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your API Key taken from your account area and Shop Id from your shop details area.

Now you are all set to make api calls and maintain your shop. All calls are listed in the sample file. You just need to uncomment the the $res line for each call you are testing.

Please make sure that you comment one call using "//" before uncommenting and using the second call.

All Results are returned in Array format.


Here is the sample call to get array of all user details