WC Missing Stocks

WC Missing Stocks plugin creates a report of missing stocks
for products and its variations.

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Features of the plugin includes

* Woocommerce Missing Stocks Report
* Simple and Variant Products in Report
* Search Filter
* Date Range Filter
* Export Missing Stocks Reports
* One click Install
* Works as Adons to Woocommerce Reports

How to use

1. First installed and active the plugin
2. Once Activated you can find a new tab in the Woocommerce->Reports->Stock->Missing Stock

How to use

3. All missing stocks are listed for simple products and variant products
4. Search can filter records

How to use

5. Date Range can also filter by date
6. Export can give you CSV of all missing stocks


Go to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard
Search for 'wc-missing-stocks' or 'WC Missing Stocks'
Click Install Now button